Installation Instructions – LED Conversion Kit

Prior to Installation:

  • These instructions are for the standard Msport single colour LED conversion kits.  If you purchased a C5 kit with the five colour choices, please refer to those instructions instead.
  • Allow the vehicle’s existing lighting and engine to cool down prior to installing this kit
  • Ensure the vehicle is in neutral or park, and the ignition is off
  • Examine all original vehicle wiring contacts, connections and wires to ensure they are in good condition


  1. Check to see if there is sufficient room to work on the lighting system. If not, you will need to remove the headlight assemblies.
  2. Open the rear cap from the headlight assembly (do not discard) and remove the original bulb.
  3. Drill a 12mm (1/2”) hole in the middle of the rear cap (or optionally, replace the rear cap with an Msport pre-drilled universal cap).
  4. Place the Msport LED bulb into the back of the headlight assembly, ensuring that it is secured correctly.
  5. Pull the wire lead(s) through the drilled original rear cap (or optionally, the Msport pre-drilled universal cap). If using the drilled original cap, it is an excellent idea to seal the opening with some RTV silicone to prevent dust, dirt and moisture from entering the headlight housing.
  6. Connect the wiring from the LED bulb to the matching connectors on the driver. If you are installing the C5 series of kit, connect the wiring directly to the vehicle’s factory bulb harness and skip the next step.
  7. Connect the remaining wiring from the driver to the vehicle’s factory bulb harness.
  8. Mount the driver on any solid location in the engine compartment away from high head locations using double sided tape, wire tires or sheet metal screws (not provided).

Post-installation Inspection:

  • Ensure that all connections are secure.
  • Inspect the headlights for proper operation. Low beam, high beam and DRL’s (Daytime Running Lights) must all work properly


  1. Bulb Malfunction (no light, weak light) – Ensure that all connections are clean and properly connected.
  2. Bulb Flickering – Ensure that all connections are clean and properly connected. If flickering continues, the vehicle may require an additional canbus module installed in the wiring harness (available from Msport at additional cost)